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Water Uses

Offices - World Wide

Why Bottled Water - The Downside


Acidity Tests - Do you have these health issues?

pH Factor, the Silent Killer

Athletic Performance

Lack of Energy and The Colon

Over Weight and Indigestion

Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Otto Warburg on Cancer

What The Experts Say

Fluoridate Hard To Swallow

Fluoridation - Yorba Linda

Functional Water

Japanese Restaurant

Letter to Water Drinkers

Foods to Keep You Healthy: Page 1

Foods to Keep You Healthy: Page 2

Eliminating Agricultural Chemicals - Movie

You Drink Sewer Water

Acid Reflux Disease

Get Tough - Get Green

Baby Bottles - What You Don't Know

Facts of Water Ionizers - Just The Facts

Comparison of Ionizers

Deadly Bacteria

Do You Drink Water?

Get Tough - Get Green

Bank On Water

They Did A Bad Thing

Tell Me About Water

Benefits of Alkaline Water

Bottled Water Report

Breast Cancer Patients Avoid Chemotherapy

New Clients for your Restaurant or Business


Plastic Bottles

Positive Potential

Real Cost of Bottled Water

Researched Water


Water Resource

What If Your Church?

Miracle Water: Tlacote, Mexico; Dusseldorf,
Germany; Lourdes, France; Nadana, India

Take Me Back To The Sixties

Flow The Film, Trailer Movie

Flow The Film, Robert Redford - The Movie

Flow The Film


Return On Water

Comparison of Ionizers


Ionizers Compared

Facts of Life Ionizers

Comparisons of Life Ionizers

Filtering Systems

[Note: these are prefilters for your
Kangen Water Generator]

ION Exhange Single Filter

KDF and ION Exchange 2 Filter System

KDF and ION Exchange 3 Filter System


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